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Biomechanical Movement Analysis



At Synergy Sports and Rehab we offer comprehensive Analysis 

of an athletes movement patterns, whether it be team sports, collegiate preparation, or individual goals to avoid injury, we are here to guide you through a sometime complex process. 

What we can do...

Our therapists are trained to evaluate complex movement patterns for a variety of sports and determine deficits and areas of concern for injury in athletes of all ages. Our education in:

  • Biomechanics

  • Background in Major League Baseball

  • Certification with the Titleist Performance Institute

  • Background in Collegiate Running

Allows us the depth of knowledge that exceeds every athletes expectation

What we look at...

If you have pain with throwing, feel like you are loosing distance on your golf shot or struggling with the motion of your golf swing, and even having hip, knee, or foot pain; we can help.

  • Pitching and Throwing Mechanics

  • Mobility through the golf swing

  • Lower extremity body mechanics during running

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