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Sports Recovery

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Getting you ready for the next day

As hard as you work and play and as much as you stretch and prepare for your activities, there are times when you just need a little boost to get back at it.

At Synergy Sports and Rehab, we understand that there are just times when no matter what you do, you just can't get back to feeling 100%. That is where our recovery programs come into play. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of not just an athletes sports recovery, but any person who may be dealing with soreness and stiffness for some time, Maybe you did just run a 10k run, or compete in a basketball tournament, or maybe you just the whole weekend working in the yard lugging bags of leaves, or moving patio pavers. We understand that the body gets sore, and we are here to help you recover.  Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Stretching programs

  • Mobility activities

  • Pneumatic Compression

  • Cryotherapy treatments

  • Techniques to improve blood flow

At the initial assessment, we evaluate the injured worker’s functional abilities, thoroughly document their work history, as well as history of injury, and set appropriate goals for rehabilitation to expedite return to work. Our focus, with all workers’ comp patients, is to return to function through an active treatment approach, because our goal is your safe and successful return to work.

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