Lexy DOnaldson

Physical Therapy Aide

Lexy graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2020 with a B.S. in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Sports Performance. Since then she has found that she enjoys working in a field in which she gets to help people recover and work with athletes. Part of this comes from Lexy’s athletic background, having injuries herself and learning how to rehab them has been a passion of hers.

Lexy has been an athlete her whole life, having been involved in every sport. She is mainly known for her equestrian career. Lexy has been a very successful competitive international dressage athlete for 10 years now. Within her successes her biggest accomplishment would be having achieved 2 bronze medals at the Junior Olympics in 2016 with her horse Power Play.  While her horses are now retired, she hopes to get back into it one day.

In Lexy’s free time she enjoys watching netflix, hiking, boating, spending hours in the gym, and hanging out with her horses, dog and friends.