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Synergy Sports and Rehab, Leg Rehab, Lower Body Rehab, Total Knee Arthroscopy Rehab, ACL Rehab, Knee Rehab

Move Beyond Rehab

Your body is made to move.  Let us help make that happen!

Synergy Sports and Rehab, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Bike, Warm-up

Our Approach

At Synergy Sports and Rehab we strive to restore strength, mobility, endurance, and function, after injury, illness, or surgery. All of our treatment programs are designed to alleviate pain and help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time and get you back to the things in life that matter to you.

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Our Services


Specialized programs with a focus on preventative care and rehabilitation

In addition to traditional Physical Therapy, our unique programs are designed to address the wide range of activities and needs of our diverse patient population.

Shoulder Injury Evaluation

Pre & Post Op Care

Comprehensive Pre & Post Op Rehabilitative Programs

Our pre-operative care is specially designed by our therapists to help you prior to surgery and improve your outcome after surgery. 

Our post-operative care programs are designed to promote healing, reduce pain and swelling, restore joint mobility, flexibility and strength. 

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Insurances Accepted

Synergy Sports and Rehab is a member of many preferred provider networks in Colorado and is found as a provider related to Denver Physical Therapy. Our services are covered by most major insurance companies as well as Medicare, TRICARE, Workers’ Compensation, and private health plans.

What People Say

When I started at Synergy with Jordan in September 2021 I was convinced I’d have a permanent limp after a ski accident(January 2021) that needed ACL, MCL(grafts), and a meniscus repair. After 3 months of rehab I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the results! Jordan and the Synergy Team renewed my optimism to get back to my old self again. Thank You!!

Doing therapy here is always a great experience, working with Darren every week Is actually enjoyable, Knowing that I'm progressing. Atmosphere is always upbeat with great personalities.  Watching Jeff and Jordan work with others You know you can't go wrong working with any of these guys!

Treatments are effective and no-nonsense.  I know I can always get a direct answer and a clear course of treatment.

12311 Pine Bluffs Way Unit 112

Parker, CO 80134


Tel: 720-851-6695

Fax: 720-851-4994

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